Daging Masak Merah
Nasi Goreng Nyoya


Malaysia, Truly Asia: Roti Chenai 
I actually had this for breakfast every single day I was in Malaysia! Roti is simply made of flour, water, oil, and salt - but it’s the process of making it that is unique. It is kneaded, flattened, and folded on an oily surface, then the process is repeated several times. It is then cooked on a hot surface (like those surfaces where you make crepes) until the outside is brown and crisp. The insides are soft and chewy, which I liked the most! I eat this by tearing off bit by bit and dipping them in Dhali Cha dip, which I think is made of chickpeas. Definitely a great way to start the day!

Kuih Seri Ayu.

Hokkien Mee by jasonlcs_87 on Flickr.